Spring Term 1 attendance and punctuality winners

24th February 2015

Year 4 were our attendance winners for the first half of the spring term - congratulations!  They had an average attendance of 97.83% for the six weeks and narrowly beat Year 6 who had average attendance of 97.38%.  This is the second time this year that they have won the half term attendamce certificate.  Well done!

Year 6 did manage to win the half term punctuality certificate with only 5 lates recorded for the whole of the half term - superb!  In second place were Year 2 with 9 lates, closely followed by Year 3 who had 11 lates!  Year 5 made huge imprpovements to come 4th overall with 15 lates recorded compared to 30 in the previos half term - well done!