LOVE Northumberland Award winners

5th September 2019
Eastlea were delighted to be shortlisted for the second year running for the annual LOVE Northumberland awards hosted at Alnwick Garden on the evening of 5th September 2019.
We were joint runners up in the category of 'Best Children's Project' for our Brainwaves Superheroes recycling scheme and were delighted to be presented with a  framed certificate, a decorative wooden plaque and also a cheque for £100 towards future recycling projects.
Mrs Holdsworth was recognised for being an 'Outstanding Individual' and also received the framed certificate and wooden plaque as well as a silver trophy.
As an extra surprise one of the vent sponsors also provided us with a large 'case' of litter picking resources which will certainly come in handy at school.
Take a look at what happened on the evening in the gallery and see what we won!  A superb evening and congratulations to everyone involved.