Superb European week!

12th February 2016
In the week beginning 8th February we had a European focus week in school.  We had great support with this from Mme Taylor as well as several other language experts who came in to help us with the work in school.  We did lots of work in our lessons to help broaden our Geography knowledge and become more aware of our continent; and also had workshops every afternoon to widen our language skills:
  • Monday - we focused on Europe in general, found out about the number of countries in the European Union and learned how to say 'hello' in 8 different languages!
  • Tuesday - the focus was on Spain and by the end of the day we could all count to 10 in Spanish!
  • Wednesday - we looked more at France and learned how to say the different parts of the body!  We also had a music input from our Mrs Smith and Mr Boyle and joined in with singing some French songs!
  • Thursday - our attention turned to Italy and we made rainbows with the Italian colours as well as looking at some art work from some famous Italian painters.
Friday was Golden Day and this had a European theme too...
  • everyone was dressed in either European colours or as tourists for the day. 
  • we all visited a 'French cafe' to sample croissants, pain au chocolate and brioche plus enjoy a drink of hot chocolate.
  • we learned how to dance the spanish Flamenco with real attitude and some super dance moves!
  • our lunch had an Italian theme with the Hungry Hatch offering a choice of pizza or pasta/meatballs and cakes decorated with Italian flags
  • in the afternoon we sampled some German cuisine and then settled down with pop corn in the hall to watch a German version of 'Frozen fever'
Everyone learned a great deal from the week and had a super experience.  Education at its best! A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this week possible!!