Northumbrian Golden Day is a huge success

31st May 2013

Pupils from Reception to Year 6 had a fabulous time at the end of half term Golden Day on Friday 24th May.  The wet weather did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm and during the day the children had the chance to take part in a selection of varied activities - with a Northumbrian theme:

  • Maypole dancing...thanks to Mrs Smith and Mr Knox
  • Clog dancing...thanks to Laura Connolly and Stewart Hardy from the SAGE
  • 'Rapper' dancing...thanks to Ricky from High Spen
  • Toys from the past...thanks to Beamish
  • Singing Northumbrian songs
  • Listening to Northumbrian pipes...thanks to Mr Knox
  • Rehearsing and performing a whole school version of the Northumbrian Galopede ceilidh dance...thanks to Mrs Shimmin

Banners were made by each class to celebrate aspects of Northumberland...culture, songs, geography, places of interest, our home!  These will be displayed in the hall for all to see during the summer term events.

Everyone enjoyed their 'picnic' in the hall and had great fun 'performing' at the 'get together' from 2.15pm.  Special thanks to our Year 4 Maypole dancers, and some super singers from Year 6, Reception, the KS2 singing club and especially Year 3! The Galopede was a huge success and finished the day off in style!!