Number Day 20p challenge

2nd February 2018
Number Day 20p challenge
As part of our Number Day activities on Friday 2nd February, we had a 20p fundraising challenge.  Each class had 5 smartie tubes - one for each of the rocket groups.  The tubes were emptied of smarties thanks to the staff!!
These empty tubes were filled with 20p coins brought in by the children and each class added up their totals.  Miss Fox challenged Year 3 to work out the overall amount raised for each rocket group and the results were a surprise to us all - with BLUE rocket group emerging as the winner - well done to them.
The final totals have yet to be verified by the office staff, but are in the region of:
  • BLUE group = £61.80
  • RED group = £58.71
  • GREEN group = £53.47
  • YELLOW group = £49.80
  • ORANGE group = £42.60
This money will be added to the 'fines' collected for coming in non-uniform (£146 so far - but money still coming in) and will be split between the NSPCC charity and school resources for maths.
Thank you to everyone who supported us with the day - the costumes were fantastic and the fundraising was brilliant!