School Election a great success!

6th May 2015
On Wednesday 6th May the pupils and staff at Eastlea had the chance to take part in an 'election' to decide on the new name for our school kitchen.  There were 4  choices on the ballot paper and Year 5/6 pupils led mini-campaigns to secure votes for their chosen name:  'Eastlea Eatery', 'Owl Kitchen', 'Hungry Hatch' or 'Owl you can eat'!
Official polling booths were used for the election with classes taking turns to come to the polling station in the ICT suite.  Events were supervised by the Presiding Officer (Mrs Blackburn - school governor) and two poll clerks (members of the Brainwaves).  When all the votes had been posted in the official ballot box this was sealed and the room cleared to allow for the 'counting' to take place.
The outcome was a clear win for the 'Hungry Hatch' which secured 98 votes. 
Well done to everyone!