Autumn term writing awards

27th November 2017
Eastlea Autumn term writing awards 2017
On 27th November we had a special assembly to share the excellent writing of our Autumn term writing award winners.  The writing journey from mark making in Early Years to polished final drafts in different writing genres in KS2 was celebrated and each winner received a certificate and a letter to their parents outlining the reasons why they had been chosen.
For this term each child who won an award was chosen by their class teacher for showing that they were working at the expected levels for their age and this was something which could be clearly seen in the range of writing we shared:
  • recognisable letter shapes in Nursery
  • early sentences with capital letters and full stops in Reception
  • extended sentences using conjunctions and adjectives in Year 1
  • introducing paragraphs into longer writing for Year 2
  • developing vocabulary in Year 3
  • poetry using imagery and imagination in Year 4
  • well organised and researched non-chronological factual writing in Year 5
  • a well crafted diary entry written from the point of view of a world war 1 soldier in Year 6 
The samples of work will all be displayed in a book in the library and we are very proud of all of our winners.  Well done!
Who will be chosen for the spring term awards?