Brainwaves- Our School Council

What is the School Council known as?
At Eastlea Primary School the school council is known as Brainwaves.

How often does Brainwaves (the School Council) meet?
Brainwaves meets weekly with Mrs Stafford.

How many pupils are on the Brainwaves team?
There are usually ten, year 5 and 6 pupils on the Brainwaves team.

How are pupils selected for the Brainwaves team?
All pupils at Eastlea are in Rocket Groups.  These are 'family groups' and they vote pupils onto Brainwaves once each school year.


So how does it make a difference?
Brainwaves gives the pupils a voice in matters of school policy, social and educational issues.
It has been an invaluable way of seeking pupil opinion when making changes and continuing to improve what is offered to the school as a whole.

What have they been up to lately?
- coordinating a recycling project, collecting plastic bottles, batteries and plastic milk bottle tops

- leading discussions on Golden Day and fundraising activities, such as a very successful Sweetalicious raffle!

- completing a pupil questionnaire to review our behaviour policy.

- writing our friendship charter.

- helping to organise different playground games and activities at lunchtimes - on the yard, on the field and in the 'smooga zone'

- promoting 'walk to school' week.